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We’ve moved!

30 Dec

Hello there, Internet!

Charles and I moved recently. Although I just adored our first little apartment in Goodlettsville, we needed a second bedroom for little Baby Page, and we did not adore the rent price of a ground-level two bedroom apartment at our complex. So, we ended up in our cute duplex in Hendersonville. It’s been jokingly dubed “The Halfway House” because it’s half a house. Get it?

One of my favorite things about the duplex is the family who inhabits its other half. They are SO cool. Adam and Josie are big Vandy fans, so right off the bat we had lots to talk about. Also, they have two little boys, Jojo (2) and JR (4) who are hilarious. JR cried the first day we met him because we couldn’t come over for lunch! How funny is he?

Anyway, back to the duplex. Would you like a mini tour?

This is our living room. The cedar chest is functioning as a coffee table right now, and I’m pretty pleased with the job it’s done so far! The rug was a Craigslist score; we got is for $50! Is that tacky of me to say? Oops!

Bonus points to any sisters who can spot the Adelphean! (Also, mental note: fluff the couch cushions before taking a picture next time!)

This is the other half of the living room, and unfortunately the picture came out really dark. Imagine the mirror that’s on the floor mounted about the table, and some lovely curtains hanging on the window. (I’ll make sure to post once I’ve made them!)

Sadly, I didn’t get a shot of the coat rack Charles installed this morning! Oh well.

For whatever reason, WordPress has decided to be really difficult and not let me rotate images. Everyone cock your head to the left on the count of three... one, two, three!

Here’s our kitchen! Can you tell what’s missing? That’s right–a dishwasher! Sadly, there is no dishwasher in the duplex. We are checking Craigslist daily for a portable one, though. I am not at all interested having to continue to wash dishes by hand once Baby Page is here. No siree.

Keep that head cocked!

This is our little dining area inside the kitchen. You’ll notice the Coptic painting on papyrus of the last supper hanging on the wall. The guy that runs the papyrus shop we visited in Egypt gave us this 20 minute demonstration of how papyrus is made, and once he finished with us and gave us time to browse the shop, he turned around and gave the same speech in Italian! I believe he also spoke French, Spanish, German, and of course Arabic. I was incredibly impressed by him.

My other favorite thing about the eating area is our table. It was built by Charles’s paternal grandfather, affectionately know as Grandaddy. He made it from an old door at the school he used to run. Charles’s grandaddy was truly a Renaissance man. He was so handy, very musically inclined, knew the complete history of Scottsboro (and much of the rest of the South!), and was as gentlemanly as they come. I am very thankful for the few years that I knew him.

Moving on, here we are at our bedroom! Er… at least, here’s the bed. If you can’t tell, the duplex isn’t exactly cavernous, and this was about as much of the room as I could get from the corner.

Isn’t our bed cool? That was another Craigslist purchase. We Pages love buying furniture from strangers–it’s much more exciting than just walking into a store and picking something out. I have lots of great memories of the characters we’ve met through Craigslist attached to each piece of furniture.

Well, that’s it! Or, at least, that’s all of the duplex that’s in a state to be photographed right now. We’ve got the nursery to work on and the man cave to organize, still. I promise to post pictures once they’re done.

Thanks for taking the tour! Exit through the gift shop!


P.S.- This is hopefully one of the last posts with sad iPhone photography. I’ve got my eye on a new camera that I do believe we’ll purchase before the baby arrives!