Mo’ Pills Mo’ Problems

3 Feb

The topic of contraception has been in the news lately. 1.35 million condoms were recalled in South Africa earlier this week, leading many to fear an increase in the spread of HIV/AIDS in a continent that has already suffered so much from the disease. Also, 1 million packets of birth control were recalled here in the US because of a packaging error that may lead a woman to take a placebo pill when she intends to take a hormonal pill, resulting in an increase in the chance of pregnancy.

Reading these news reports this week made me want to write a post about contraception and why I believe using contraception is harmful to men and women. However, The Bad Catholic did a WAY better job than I ever could, arguing this point from Natural Law (aka, you don’t have to be Catholic to agree with what is written).

Please do yourself a favor and read the post! I’ll give you a few highlights to whet your appetite:

  • Should rosebushes be kept in closets? What does that have to do with sex? (Uh, aside from the “bush” reference… get your mind out of the gutter!)
  • How is contraception like bulimia?
  • What method of family planning is related to a divorce rate of less than 1%? (Seriously!!!)
  • How might contraception keep you from “living your life to the fullest”?

Obviously, this is a very personal issue that each individual must decide for himself or for herself. However, I sure as heck don’t mind sharing what I believe to be a great insight that so many people have yet to find. And, if this article makes you want to learn more, please let me know! I have lots of further sources that I would love to share with you!


One Response to “Mo’ Pills Mo’ Problems”

  1. Mamie and gray Sullivan February 3, 2012 at 3:58 pm #

    Did you ever think you’d be doing so much writing when you were in 2nd grade. You’re really a great writer and make even a tour of your home interesting. Now it’s countdown to a baby!

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