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Go ‘Dores!

15 Sep

As promised, here are a couple shots from the game earlier today.

We may have been overly ambitious thinking we could take Natalie to the whole game. We ended up getting there at half time and leaving before the fourth quarter. Oops! It was just too stinkin’ hot to stay any longer. (Turns out the team didn’t really need us, anyway. It was a shutout, 58-0.)

Maybe next season we’ll make it through a whole game? I’m sure we’ll try!



Things Lately

13 Sep

Last weekend we took a trip to meet my new nephew and to witness the greatest day of his life, his baptism day! It was an honor to stand as his Godmother.

We had an awesome time in North Carolina. The weekend involved Natalie’s first plane ride, and the first plane ride Charles and I took together, too! (Trivia: We took a train to New Orleans on our honeymoon.)

It’s been a long time since my parents, sister, and I have all been together, so we took lots of pictures.

James and Natalie

The Fam

I’ve been quilting up a storm since we returned home. I finished the top, and I do believe that it’s my favorite quilt yet! Here’s a little preview, before it was all stitched together:

I finally found a store remotely close to our house that carries Moda charm packs. It’s a 45 minute drive, but it’s totally worth it for the fabric. And, can you believe it, their prices are actually lower than the quilting store near us, for higher quality fabric! I reached quilting nirvana when I saw their prices.

Charles has been enjoying his new job, but it’s been tough to adjust to the new schedule. He’s putting in about two more hours each day than he was teaching, which means I’m putting in those extra hours at home with Natalie, too. I think that this is all for the best, though, and that it’ll feel like second nature soon enough.

In other news, we’re taking Natalie to her first Vanderbilt football game this weekend, so I’m sure I’ll have lots of pictures in her game day gear to share soon!