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Be a Part of Rebecca Roubion’s Kickstarter Project!

3 Oct

Y’all, one of my favorite singer/songwriters (coincidentally, one of my favorite friends!), Rebecca Roubion, has just launched a Kickstarter project to fund her new EP, Fields!

Honestly, I’m shocked that Rebecca hasn’t made it big just yet; her music is fabulous, she’s adorable, and her voice is unique and familiar at the same time. I really think you’d love her stuff after a quick listen. There’s short video on her Kickstarter page that’ll give you a little glimpse of her and her work. Check it out, won’tchya, and join me in being a part of her new EP. Four bucks will get you a digital copy, provided her project is funded by the end of this month. I know you’ll fall in love with her music!

Love ya, Rebecca!



UPDATE: With 18 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, Rebecca’s goal was met. Her project is fully funded! You can still pledge support and receive her album, a tshirt, and other great rewards. Check her out!