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Christmas Memories

28 Dec

We are simply having a wonderful Christmas time over here. Although, I have to say I was really disappointed when I was wished a “Happy New Year” this afternoon with no mention of Christmas. I mean, we’ve got like 8 more days, people!

Anyway, I wanted to share a few tidbits of our Christmas.


This was the first Christmas we weren’t either getting back from our honeymoon or moving, so it was also our first opportunity to get a tree! It’s lovely to have a good ole fir in the living room, but Charles and I both cringe a little when we remember how we totally got ripped off buying it. We went to one of those Christmas tree lots that pop up on the side of the road and bought our tree on Gaudete Sunday, two weeks ago. Charles talked the guy down ten bucks to get it down to $50, and then a couple days later I found out Lowes has trees this size on sale for $10. You better believe we’ll b-line it to Lowes next year.

We had both sides of the family over at our place for Christmas dinner. To put it nicely, our duplex is “cozy,” as in, there’s really only room for the three of us. However, we were determined to find a way to all eat together, and with a little creativity and some furniture rearranging, this is what we came up with:


Why yes, that is a folding table in our living room! And my parents and mother-in-law seated on the couch! Despite the interesting seating arrangements, I dare say everyone enjoyed themselves–I know I did! It was wonderful to have everyone together. (Although, I’m dying to see my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew! We’re getting together next month!)

All in all, it was wonderful to feel settled for once and to enjoy our time as a family. I think I’d better soak up the “settled” feeling while it lasts; there’s a good chance we’ll be moving (just to a new place, not out of town) in 2013. Oh, the life of a vagabond!


Merry Christmas, y’all!



What I Wore Sunday

2 Dec

I’ve been loving the “What I Wore Sunday” linkup over at Fine Linen and Purple the last few weeks and I’m finally participating today!

I love dressing up for Mass. Churches often pride themselves on having a casual, come-as-you-are-(even-if-that-means-you’re-wearing-too-tight-jeggings-and-an-ill-fitting-sweater) attitude, and while it’s great (and right) to encourage holier interior participating in Sunday worship, I’ve found that it really doesn’t hurt to put a little bit of effort into your outer appearance as well. You’d dress up if the President invited you over for dinner, right? Well, Jesus invites you to Mass every week. It only seems right to me to make an effort in how I look, while trying my best to prepare spiritually and not to judge anyone else on their attire.

So, here’s what I wore:


The deets: (Does anyone say that anymore? No?)

Top: Ann Taylor (Remember when you lived at home and your mom bought your clothes? I miss that.)

Skirt: J.Crew (via Goodwill. BOOM! Thrifted.)

Shoes: Gianni Bini

This was also the first time I’ve pulled out my Spanx since before I was pregnant, and I felt so great that I didn’t even feel bad about a trip to Shipley’s Donuts after Mass. Oops!

Other highlights from the weekend:

  • Date night at Genghis Grill
  • Progress on my quilted tree skirt
  • Lighting our first Advent wreath candle (we’re not moving for the first time in three Advents! Yay!)
  • Lots of time spent with Charles (who’s not studying for an exam right now! Yay again!)
  • Finding out Vandy’s going to the Music City Bowl and locked down Franklin with another contract! (Triple yay!)

Happy Sunday!