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Thank God For Priests

27 Nov

Seriously. Thank you, Jesus, for giving us men who so generously answered your call to donate their whole selves to you and your Church.

A priest at our parish rocked my world today at confession. It had been a little longer than usual since I had been, and that added to the malaise I usually feel before coming before God to admit the times I’ve said “no” to his love for me in the past few weeks. The kindness and joy that greeted me on the other side of the confessional caught me off guard for some reason, and I left with such a renewed trust in God, his mercy, and his providence. Thank you, Father O., for being Christ for me in that moment.

A certain priest that I’m sure many of you also know has been instrumental in my faith formation and the spiritual lives so many of my friends. He gives until he’s spent and then gives some more. He is generous with his life. Thank you, Father B., for your generousity.

And thank you also to my friends in┬áseminary,┬ádiscerning┬átheir vocations. I hope you’re growing in God’s grace and becoming more like Christ. If this is your vocation, I can’t wait to attend your first Mass.

I hope that one day, if any of my boys have a priestly vocation, that they too will be able to say yes to God’s call.

Happy first Sunday of Advent, y’all!