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A Quilt For James

12 Jul

Not too long ago, my sister had a baby! Little James Hudson (don’t you love his name?) is my very first nephew, and I am so happy he is here. I put the last few stitches in his quilt Wednesday, and I’m going to mail it first thing in the morning! I planned to have it finished before his big debut, but life happened and I’m a few weeks late. (In my defense, he’s an eager beaver and decided to arrive two weeks before his due date.)

I used the “New Wave” pattern (with a few simple modifications) from the blog Oh, Fransson! which can be found here. I thought I’d share a few pictures from my version, so here you go:

Ta-da! This is the first quilt I’ve made for a baby boy, so I enjoyed working with blues, greens, and reds.

I’m not a huge fan of super masculine motifs for babies, like football or motorcycles, so this vintage line from Blue Hill Fabrics won me over quickly. The little scenes are so sweet, without being girly–perfect for a baby boy.

The blue circus print is my favorite. Camels and elephants and clowns, oh my!

Well, James, I hope you enjoy your quilt. Go easy on your mom and dad. I can’t wait to meet you soon, and neither can your cousin! She sends her love… and gummy smiles!

– (Aunt) Erica

Quilting Bucket List

10 Jun
  • no-white quilt
  • hand-stitched quilt
  • machine-pieced quilt with hand-stitched details
  • super complicated quilt
  • scrappy quilt
  • textured quilt
  • quilt from a self-drafted pattern (It’s sure to be the loveliest of them all, right?)
Hopefully I’ll be able to edit this post in the future, linking to blog posts about finished projects!